BALEAP Presentations and Papers Archive

PIM Blending Technology with EAP

  1. An A to Z of technologies

    Slides: Part 1 Part 2

    Julie Watson ,University of Southampton

  2. MALL and collaborative learner interaction in and out of the classroom

    Slides: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

    Handouts: Handout

    Simon Williams ,University of Sussex

  3. Automated Scoring of Written Open Responses

    Slides: Slides 

    John de Jong ,VU University Amsterdam

  4. Teaching lexis and cohesion in written work using tools in Moodle

    Slides: Slides 

    Andy Holbrook ,INTO University of Exeter

  5. Using Blogs to Scaffold Independent Learning on an EAP Pre-sessional Course

    Slides: Slides 

    Chris Lewis, Vanessa Mar-Molinero ,University of Southampton

  6. Developing digital literacy partnerships with EAP students

    Slides: Slides 

    Edward Bressan, Lisa Hale ,Oxford Brookes University

  7. eFeedback & eMarking of Written Assignments with Grademark

    Slides: Slides 

    Garry Maguire ,Oxford Brookes University

  8. Teaching with Turnitin

    Slides: Slides 

    Carol Bailey ,University of Wolverhampton

  9. Helping EAP Students Improve Lexical Competence with Online Reference Resources

    Slides: Slides 

    Tanya Parsons ,Freelance

  10. EAP programme management by text message

    Slides: Slides 

    Christopher Macallister ,University of Durham

  11. EAP and 'Learn English': Adapting standard British Council exercise types for academic writing skills development.

    Slides: Slides 

    Andy Gillett, Hilary Nesi ,Coventry University

  12. Developing an Online Writing Advisory Service

    Slides: Slides 

    David Read ,University of Sheffield

  13. Exploring the relevance of reusable audiovisual feedback on students’ written work

    Slides: Slides 

    Anna Drozynska ,University of Huddersfield

  14. Sharing 'Academic English online': Issues in open educational practice

    Slides: View Prezi

    Jessica Cooper, Martin Barge, William Tweddle ,Queen Mary, University of London

  15. Using the WISHEES website to support student writing in STEM Subjects in the EAP classroom

    Slides: Slides  

    Handout: Handout 

    Debra Hills ,Queen Mary, University of London